One of the cooler sketchbook assignments for Survey of Illustration. I cant decide which version i like best

Title: The Sharpest Lives Artist: My Chemical Romance 3,455 plays


I will never stop loving My Chemical Romance

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"If it looks like i’m laughing i’m really just asking to leave"

So I i got super nostalgic over MCR out of the blue while i was procrastinating on life.  

Title: Hooligans Artist: Issues 905 plays



Got big hearts but they’re just some kids

Chose Charles Manson for my illustration project. This is the first sketch, i just need to tweek some things & make color comps.. then i shall start the FINAL PIECE. This will be my first time using the C.F Payne technique (oil wash sounds intimidating)… so its going to be a hit or miss.

Illuminati value study?

This is actually just my version of one of Valarie’s illustration sketches from ages ago. My how time has flown <3

Blue colored pencil & photoshop 

Second Star to the Right

Colored pencils, ink, and photoshop

The Peter Pan song has been stuck in my head all day. I’m 500% sure my slight Disney obsession has everything to do with my mom.

Acrylic and really bad photoshop

I so wish i could make this into one of those t-shirts that the print wraps all the way around. 

I have Iron & wine lyrics scattered all through my sketchbook next to drawings that have nothing to do with them.

Walt would probably have hated me <3 

Ink, watercolors, & photoshop 

Title: Or Nah (Remix) Artist: The Weeknd 83,129 plays


The Weeknd - Or Nah Remix (feat. Wiz Khalifa & Ty Dolla $ign) -

Snow White

watercolors and ink

I have so many old sketchbooks from high school filled with my weird tweaked Disney Princesses. 

Title: Empty Walls Artist: Serj Tankian 1,461 plays


"Empty Walls" by Serj Tankian

"Your empty walls, your empty walls, pretentious adventures, dismissive apprehension, don’t waste your time…" 

Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable (genderbend?) 

Watercolors & ink on the cheapest paper ever