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BMTH - Chelsea Smile

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"I look up to the sky, there may be nothing there to see. But if I don’t believe in him, why would he believe in me?"

Taking a break from sculpey hands to feed my obsession digitally

Waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones is going to have a decent impact on my sketchbook

Digital doodle of the evening, listening to a little James Blake 

I’m going to be so bummed if my card doesnt make it into the Illustration card deck. I thought i was almost done until i got an e-mail bashing my color comps… i have 500 other things to do, i should really stop obsessing over this silly card deck.

Title: When I'm Gone Artist: 3 Doors Down 1,389 plays


So hold me when I’m here
Right me when I’m wrong
Hold me when I’m scared
And love me when I’m gone

I got a little too excited when i saw that the sketchbook assignment was DAY OF THE DEAD related. idk i just like sugar skulls and roses and ididnt do very well in spanish class back in high school..

Unicorns are just horny horses. Officially done with midterms so it’s sketchbook time

One of the cooler sketchbook assignments for Survey of Illustration. I cant decide which version i like best

Title: The Sharpest Lives Artist: My Chemical Romance 4,849 plays


I will never stop loving My Chemical Romance

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"If it looks like i’m laughing i’m really just asking to leave"

So I i got super nostalgic over MCR out of the blue while i was procrastinating on life.  

Title: Hooligans Artist: Issues 2,725 plays



Got big hearts but they’re just some kids

Chose Charles Manson for my illustration project. This is the first sketch, i just need to tweek some things & make color comps.. then i shall start the FINAL PIECE. This will be my first time using the C.F Payne technique (oil wash sounds intimidating)… so its going to be a hit or miss.

Illuminati value study?

This is actually just my version of one of Valarie’s illustration sketches from ages ago. My how time has flown <3

Blue colored pencil & photoshop